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What We Are

Purulia News is a Purulia based news website providing you the latest and updated news around Purulia, West Bengal as well as India and Foreign Countries too.

Need Of Purulia News

In this changing world, the way of getting news has been upgraded. Still, our Purulia is not getting coverage with the Media. So, the purpose of this website is to give coverage to incidents and accidents of Purulia.

What Do We Provide

We provide highlight news of Purulia, West Bengal, India as well as foreign countries too. Purulia news basically provides news, trends, various facts, life hacks, lifestyle facts, updates of COVID 19 pandemic, etc.

What Can You Do

You can read news articles here. If you want to give us any suggestion or you want any news to get published through our Contact Us form or through our Facebook Page.

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